NET sale

In line with the law (Steuerfreie Innergemeinschaftliche Lieferung gem. §4 Nr.1bUstG. in Verbindung mit §6A Abs.1 USTG).

If you have a car sales company and you sell cars with VAT and you are approached by a customer who has a company in any EU member State, has an active VAT number and he wants to buy a car from you without VAT at a NET price for export, but you do not want to sell it at the NET price for export, then refer the customer to our website where the customer will find all information about NET transactions, or just call us.

You do not have to worry about anything else. The customer will contact us and ask how to buy a car without VAT from Germany at a NET price for export.

If the customer decides to cooperate with our company, we will conclude a contract with him. As soon as we receive the signed contract back from the customer, we will conclude a contract with you for purchase of the car.

You get the full sales price (gross price) with VAT. For you this is absolutely safe because you are selling a car to a German company.

It is so simple. You sell your vehicle to a German company and immediately receive money.

By cooperating with us, you may be confident that all sales are carried out in accordance with the latest legislation in force. On request, we guarantee cooperation with local tax authorities.

You simply and 100% safe sell your car.


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