About us

NetCar GmbH is a car dealership with more than 10 years of experience in the sale of cars, their export and import. We buy and sell cars to both companies and individuals, as well as sell cars at a NET price for export.

In recent years, it has been a common problem in Germany that car dealerships do not sell cars at a NET price without VAT for export. In such cases, we can help you. Send us a car link, we will check the seller to find out if the seller is safe, not a fraudster, also we will check condition of the car so that your purchase is safe and successful. Then we will buy the car from the particular dealer with VAT and sell it to you for export at the NET price without VAT.

Our service is the safest and best solution for car export (NET EXPORT) in line with the law (Steuerfreie Innergemeinschaftliche Lieferung gem. §4 Nr.1bUstG. in Verbindung mit §6A Abs.1 USTG).

With us you will have a very safe and profitable car purchase.


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